To show you just how durable and versatile Howell Pathways really is, we wanted to share some of our completed projects with you. Below are a few of our top projects that have benefited from our quality pathway stabilizers.

Texas A&M and SSC Service Solutions

Howell Pathways created a versatile solution that solves a safety, ADA compliance, and maintenance problem by bonding the stones together in a Tree Well next to Kyle Field. The tree gets its water, reduces tripping hazards, allows wheelchair traffic, and there is much less clean up after the games.

Keith Roland and Howell Pathways

Keith Roland and Howell Pathways worked together to create this great dog kennel flooring system. Keith is really happy with his design and so are his dogs, as our polyurethane sealant is both pet-safe and eco-friendly.

SFA Gardens leadership

Dr. David Creech agreed to install the first commercial project in Texas with Howell Pathways owner Tim Howell. The Labyrinth project is located in the Gayla Mize Garden in Nacogdoches, Texas, and features the quality of our pathway treatment.


Projects with Klingstone Paths

Miami International Airport

Howell Pathways was used to secure loose stones near the entrance of the airport during a major landscaping project. These stones are secured and remain protected thanks to our patented polyurethane sealant.

Clemson University

An entire Howell Pathways paving project was completed at Clemson University, and it is still holding strong years after installation.

James Madison’s Montpelier Home

After spending countless dollars to restore the fourth president’s home for visitors to enjoy, the historical society has found success with Howell Pathways. The number-one question they now receive is, “What is the surface that you have on the pathways and where can I get it?” Visitors are now able to safely enjoy the “Father of the Constitution’s” home.

Colonial Williamsburg

Pathways here were restored in 1997 with our pathway stabilizer and are still holding strong.

Booker T. Washington National Monument

The pathway leading up to the small cabin in Virginia was restored to withstand the foot traffic to the monument. Our path treatment has held strong in preventing erosion and runoff as well.

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